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30th & 31st Oct, 23'

Convention Center


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🤖📣 RoboSumo 2023 - Unleash the Bots! 🏆🤖

Hello tech aficionados! Ready to make some robots?

Get ready to witness an adrenaline-pumping clash of robots in the upcoming RoboSumo 2023 in IEEE JHSB's Technozova 4.0! 🚀🤯

Prepare to make sparks fly and gears turn in the ultimate showdown of mechanical prowess! Let the robo-battle begin! ⚙⚡

Spread the word, gather your crew, and gear up for the most thrilling robotic event of the year - RoboSumo 2023!

See you there! 🤖🔥

More details to be revealed later, follow us for updates!

🔗Register here, ₹500 per entry:


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