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About the Event

In the realm of rhymes and rhythmic flow,

Where poets' hearts and souls freely sow,

Let your verses dance upon the page, Unleash the poet within, release your cage.

We are excited to announce IEEE JHSB's upcoming Poetry Competition - Sha'erana -where you get to showcase your poetic talent on a topic of your choice and win a chance to get featured in MindSpark 5.0.

Sha'erana is not just a competition; it's a canvas for your imagination. We encourage all students with a passion for poetry to participate. Craft your verses on a topic close to your heart and submit your masterpiece online. The canvas is yours, and the possibilities are limitless. Whether you're moved by nature's beauty, captivated by the complexities of human emotions, or inspired by societal changes, your words have the potential to create magic.

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