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Will AI take human jobs?

Human and AI shaking hands, AI hand emerging from computer
Image by kiquebg on Pixabay

Artificial Intelligence is one of the hottest topic in this decade, there hardly might be anyone who does not know about it. Its craze is everywhere and why it should not be, since it has been advancing rapidly, capabilities to push boundaries of what was previously thought to be possible with technology and having the potential to change the way how we interact with machines. Its capabilities are getting recognized in every field whether it is academic research, engineering, law, industrial labor or any other. Therefore, with such capabilities and power, it rises some of the big questions like Will AI take human jobs? Will it make humans unworthy?

Impact on employment

In the previous year, DALL E 2, developed by the AI startup, OpenAI had the potential to generate art based on desired human prompts. This raised fear among the artists for their job. Deepmind, an AI company situated in London developed it's coding program, AlphaCode, which outcompeted many human developers in coding competitions showing that AI can have better intelligence against average humans or more specifically developers. AI is also getting started with taking court cases putting the job of lawyers at risk.

Recently, on Nov 30th 2022, OpenAI introduced it's one of the most complex question-answering AI, ChatGPT. It is a large language model that can give human-quality responses to any of your question or even can conversate with you. Whether writing a letter to your boss, writing an outstanding blog, need guidance on your personal life, have programming question or any other work, ChatGPT is able to handle these tasks very well. It is able to accomplish many complex tasks. Even I used it to write a letter and README for my Github project and guess what, it did those jobs for me very well. ChatGPT has much more capabilities than mentioned above.

AI hand working in kitchen
Image by KindelMedia on Pexels

Making AI more and more capable might create risks for artists, developers, writers, consultants, counsellors and even more jobs. However, even if developing more capable AI create job risks, we can't completely halt the development of it. Not to forget the immense potential of AI in various industries and medicine to progress and uplift the standard of living in future.

Our best option is to co-operate with our future era and find solutions. There are many jobs in which emotions play a part and at which humans are the best. Even if AI would do a job of a therapist very well, it would never be able to possess true emotions, yes AI will have emotions but that emotion will not be biological, it will be digital and based on their chips and circuits ultimately not making them to possess true emotions. So AI which is not going to possess true emotions to understand humans would never become a therapist holistically and may not be able to do job of a therapist that well as compared to a human.

In conclusion, it is evident that AI will put many jobs at risk, but it might create new jobs and could free humans from certain tasks so they could work on things that matter and requires specific or higher skills that cannot be done by a machine. It is important for the governments, organizations and individuals to plan for the changes which will be brought by AI and to invest in necessary skills and education to adapt to the new world.


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