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Importance of profile building for placements and higher studies

About the Event

The speaker conducted an interactive session where he gave tips to sharpen one's skills in order to build a profile to work in the best companies in the market. These involved CV building ideas, personality development and overall guidance on how to present oneself best in the professional future we are pursuing.

This was an opportunity to learn from one of the leading guides in the industry and the outcome was an amazing, enriching session full of enthusiasm.

Meet the speaker

Mr. Satish Anand

Mr. Satish Anand's outstanding acheivements include:

📌 Josh Talks Speaker | Award-Winning International Author
📌 Soft Skills Trainer (with 19 years 0f experience)
📌 Trained in 150+ Universities and Colleges across India
📌 3 million ++ views on YouTube

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